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Outdoor Living

The ShopSmart Promise was created in support of shoppers for appliances, electronics, furniture, bedding and outdoor living products.  ShopSafe Promise dealers have joined forces with more than 5000 independent businesses nationwide to provide their customers with the right price, selection and service on all the leading brands. 

"We don't expect customers to buy from us because we're local, but we are. We know we have to out work the corporate chains with service, selection and price, so we do."

-- Tom Hickman, Chief Member Advocate

Nationwide  Marketing Group

Our ShopSmart Promise to You

Smart Savings - ShopSmart dealers have come together with more than 5000 other independent dealers to generate billions of dollars in combined Nationwide Buying Power.  In fact, it's more than many of the national chains. That means that your price will be the right price.

Smart Selection - Rather than the Appliance, Electronics, Furniture, Bedding and Outdoor Living aisles of the corporate big boxes, we have entire stores dedicated to a wide  selection of carefully and expertly assorted models from the world's most respected brands.  

Smart Advice - Our people are  serious about helping you find the perfect product for your application.  That's why we stay up to date on the latest in features, designs and technologies from all the leading brands through a Nationwide Educational Program with testing and certification.  

Smart Service - When you buy from us, you'll be taken care of by us. As a local business, our customers are also our neighbors.  Our family name might even been on the sign out front.  Hiring outside contractors for delivery and service may be ok for those big box corporate guys, but it's not good enough for our customers. That's why we hand deliver, install and service everything we sell, with a team of professionals dedicated to earning your business again and again.

The ShopSmart Promise Consumer Advantage

  • 30-Day Price Pledge -

  • Next Day Delivery On In-stock Products or Delivery is Free - 

  • ShopSmart's Exclusive Nationwide Offers and Discounts - 

  • Finance Options for Every Budget and Circumstance - 

  • Satisfaction Assurance, We're not happy until you're happy -

  • Dependable Advice from a Team that Knows - 

  • When You Buy from Us You'll Be Taken Care of by Us -

Get more from YOUR Local Dealer.  We know we have to out work the corporate big boxes to earn your business with service, selection and price, so we will.
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